Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shoe Inspiration

I have very particular tastes when it comes to buying shoes, especially shoes for work.  I like Mary Janes or T-straps and sometimes ones with a strap around the ankle (do they have a name?).  I think it's because I feel like shoes without those added means of enclosure (like plain old pumps and flats) are too loose and fall off too easily.

Anyway, I'm heading back to work in a few weeks and my shoe collection has really been decimated recently.  I got rid of a bunch of things that didn't fit or shoes that were somehow busted.  So I've been trying to replenish my supply.  Usually I wear the same pair of black shoes every. single. day, but I've decided to mix it up with some colorful shoes.

Enter my latest pair:
 Yellow!  Or honey, I suppose.  Wildflower, not buckwheat.

I first ordered them in blue, but they were too small and didn't come in a larger size, so I tried this color and they're lovely and perhaps more practical for work than blue ones.

While they've been in transit, I've been considering making a dress to match.  Perhaps it'd be too matchy-matchy, but I think the combination of this hideous (in a good way) yellow floral with that gold fabric that I used in the pieced pillows will work really well together.

As for the pattern...I mentioned that I own Colette's Ceylon pattern and I think that it would work really well with these fabrics.  The waist and shoulder/back sections in the gold and the rest in the floral?  Is it too much?  All the fabric was cheap cheap (from my mother at yard sales), so I wouldn't be breaking the bank to give it a try.
Of course, I know what I'm like...I'll get the dress done and it will take me six years to do the buttons. Oh, but buttons covered in the gold fabric would look really nice going down the front.  I don't have that button making tool, though.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just really too ambitious and I should just be happy that I have time to make a PBJ for dinner at night.


  1. And we all know how thrifty I can be......I'd do the buttons in one of the darker colors on the dress.......maybe the green in the leaves...I'm sure you have some fabric hanging around about that color. Covering buttons is easy. I've done it before. It's fun, too. You may never want another type button again. Go for it. And remember, don't wear those yellow shoes after fall.

  2. What? Why not? I thought white was out after Labor Day, but these are not white. Are you afraid they'll be ruined by snow?

  3. i LOOOOOVE those shoes! that color is my favorite shoe color b/c it goes with everything and looks so cutely different. i wore out my last pair in that color and need to find a replacement. my feet are big and fat and don't do well with t-straps though. in the meantime i've been wearing a sweater in that color like everyday to make up for it. and yes, Monterey = daily sweater-wearing in July & August, ugh

    1. I found them at ModCloth, but they don't usually have a variety in widths, etc. I thought of you when I got these, actually, because I remember seeing your yellow shoes. I remember summers in Monterey...have to wait until September/October for the nice weather. That was always okay with me....fewer tourists then.