Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dolly Exposed!

Meet Dolly.
She was made for me by my students in Japan about ten years ago.  I added her to my daughter's toy bucket months ago and was just going through it last night to determine if any of the toys could be played with...you know, looking for choking hazards, etc.
 Dolly's eyes are glued on and her bits are put together with tiny little stitches.
 My name is even stitched onto the back of her top...in Japanese, of course.
But here's a secret about Dolly.  She's anatomically correct in two ways.  They gave her a bellybutton.
And a butthole.


  1. Oh dear. She is going to rip that adorable thing to bits. That should be a shelf sitter to admire and not be drooled upon. Prop her up on the window ledge. Poor little Dolly.

  2. Hey, that's my quilt! Don't let Dolly poop on it!