Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Glittery Art

I picked up two prints in NYC back in October and had them framed shortly after I returned, but I've been forgetting to take pictures of them to share here.

They are from Verrier Handcrafted and I love them.  In fact, I spent way too much time going through their selection -- it was so hard to narrow it down to just two.

I chose a print for the girls' room:
"Sisters are just different dresses from the same closet."  I'm usually not one for inspirational quotes and whatnots, but I liked this one.  I framed it with a pretty metallic orange:
Ugh...I really was not on my A-game with photography when I took these.  Sorry.

Then I picked up one for me:
The collar says "Take me to Tokyo."  I liked that, too.  It also got framed with a metallic frame, but in green.  I had a hard time choosing one for myself.  It was between a Tokyo one and a "Take me to NYC" one.  I did see on their website that they have a tote bag with a Take me to NYC quote on it....that would be fun.  I do like tote bags.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Things From My Mom

My mudder sent me a box of things, which included some hand-crafted goodies.  She made these little ornaments for my Christmas tree:

 Then she did the cross stitch on two pillowcases:
 She also did the cross stitch on these tulip squares.  She sent six of them and I'm considering putting them into two twin sized quilts for the girls.  I don't's just an idea.
 Thanks, Mom!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Bookmarks

My mom sent me a bunch of pages that she had colored in her old folks' coloring group so that I could laminate them for my Little Free Library bookmarks.

They turned out all right:

I made 60 of them from the sheets.  That will last us for a while.  The bookmarks are a hit out in the library.

My oldest also drew some bookmarks for the library:

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fairy Wings

I have had these fairy wings partially made since December.  I made one set of wings in purple for my niece for Christmas, then I made the blue ones, and then the second set of purple sat on my sewing machine half-made for these past six months.  Blah.  

I found the pattern (why do I always want to call it a recipe?) via Cat on a Limb.  

And here's a close-up of the fabric:
The one I made for my niece had a bright pink ribbon going down the middle of it, but I did not have enough of that ribbon to go around.  I think the white is okay.  The other on-hand option was a purple with white polka dots, but I think the solid color was the right choice.

And the blue one:

At rest:
And here's some detail:
I made one for each kid, but my little one is a bit persnickety still about dressing up.  So her sister gets them both for now.  She doubled up on fairy wings, actually:

 I feel like I should make a bunch of these.  I got hung up on not having the right color ribbon for the second purple one, which is what stalled its production.  Some of that mermaid tail fabric from the Textile Center Garage Sale would make a pretty set of green wings.  They go sort-of quickly...hemming that slinky soft fabric is a bit tedious, but all the other parts went fairly quickly.

I sat down the other day and made a list of ten things that I wanted to work on for sewing projects.  These were not on there.  I really don't know why I bother making lists...I never stick to them.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Big Haul - Part Three

So I found an awesome box for TWO BUCKS:
That is some prime vintage real estate right there.  It's not really a sewing box, but that's okay.  Close up of the silvery design:
The kids came home as I was finishing up my "photo shoot" and Miss Z was smitten with discovering all the contents:

I forgot to take a picture of that sparkly trim that she's holding in her hand.  One is brown and gold and the other is blue and gray.  I'm not sure what I'll do with the brown and gold -- it's not what Z would call a "girl color," so she may reject it if I were to put it on a gown.

I also found some ribbons at the sale.  A lot of them are Christmas colors, so they'll probably be used with gift baggages.  That rainbow one is good for the kids, though.
And check out these fancy trims:
The blue is elastic, so I'm thinking a waistband for a skirt for the girls?  Z was furious when I would not let her play with it:
Poor thing.

What else?  Some lovely napkins...eight of the blue flower and three with the peach trim:
They are a bit stained, but they are napkins.  They are already in the drawer awaiting their first use.

It looks like we won't have to leave the Goondocks after all:
These are sew on jewels.  I love them.

A homemade, vintage girl's shirt...
This was in my friend's batch and she passed it along to me.

This is for my mom to make (for me):
I love these old kits and this one strikes me as pretty old.  

Is that it?  I think that's the last of my haul.  Phew!  Here's a final shot of Miss Z telling me that she wants a gown made out of each of the fabrics in her pile:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Big Haul - Part Two

More goodies from the Textile Center Garage Sale:

Do you remember the gown I made for Z?  I had more of that style fabric, but with a lot of dark blue in it, but when one of her teachers at school seemed so disappointed that there was nowhere for her to buy it, I felt compelled to give away the blue.  But this was a five dollar find at the first table at the sale!  The same fabric, but in pink!
And there's a shit ton of it. Maybe enough for two gowns for the girls.

That wasn't the only vintage find:
There's also a shit ton of this cotton.  I was thinking this could back Trixie's I-Spy quilt, but those vintage yardages are never wide enough.  I suppose I could piece some together, but...meh.

Vintage terry cloth:
There's more of the blue/green than the blue/pink.  I was thinking swimsuit coverups for the girls?  My friend suggested that I do the hood out of one and the body out of the other.  They aren't really matchy-matchy, but I think it could work.

These were in the bin labeled "Vintage Japanese."  I liked the orange one on the right and some of the others are fun, but some are stained and/or not so cute.

There's very little of the bright floral on the left, but it was just so pretty.  The shag fabric on the end is just a roll of scraps, but I know there's something that I need to make with it.  I love that shaggy fabric...the roll has black, purple, and orange.  It is my assumption that someone made a Halloween project out of it.

Velvets...and some mermaid tail fabric:
That's more of a rose than a red.  There's a decent amount of the purple, though the person who packaged it up did so with masking tape, so I was left with some purple blackheads: just pulled all the little velvet bits out.  It didn't ruin the fabric and I was just going to use it for dress-up clothes anyway, but still...bummer.

Gratuitous mermaid tail shot:
I love shimmer and shine.  (Speaking of...have you seen that show?  It's got a pretty catchy theme song.)

Okay...It turns out, there will be a Part Three post for the last batch of my haul.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Big Haul - Part One

I think that Textile Center Garage Sale is one of my favorite things to do.  It's so exciting to rummage through giant piles of cloth, bags of ribbons, bags of buttons, linens...  So fun.  It's also pretty great to see all the different (mostly) ladies who crawl out of their sewing rooms...from old white-haired ladies to edgy blue-haired gals.   Some day I will be the old blue-haired lady at this thing.

I filled all these baggages:

So without further ado, here is the first batch of things I picked up:
Just some simple cottons.  That blue and brown one on the end may be enough for a quilt backing.  We'll see.  

Some more cottons, though that orange one is more of a heavier, woven type.  I think the first, third, and last are each one yard.  They'd be good for summer dresses for the girls, I think.

Lady bugs, red with gold dots (for gift baggages), some vintage cotton called "falling leaves," a really nice woven piece, and a slinky fabric.

That pink/black/orange fabric is pretty small.  The purple stripe is pretty soft and then the white fabric has little flags on it, which I didn't realize until I'd opened it up.  The last three are small, but I think they'd be good for bibs.

There is way too much of this Christmas fabric, but it's really cute and will make lovely gift bags.  I am a sucker for sparklies.

Blue upholstery fabric.  I'm thinking pillows for my living room to contrast with all that orange that's already there.

Okay...that's enough for now.  I'll post more tomorrow...maybe some vintage finds?