Friday, September 13, 2013

Fairy Quiet Book: Lacing Bee

I got it in my head a long time ago to do a quiet book and, as mentioned a few days ago, I'm considering an A to Z Dinosaur-themed one for my nephew.  The first thought was to do a pirate-themed one for my niece, but I think I want to do an A to Z one for the pirate and I thought it would be too much to do two A to Z books.  That's a lot of pages.  So she's getting a generic fairy book.

Inspired by the Quiet Book Goddess over at Imagine Our Life, I did the first batch of pages for the fairy book, the bumble bee lacing page.  I did not use her (free) pattern, but I pretty much replicated her page.

My hive is a little different, especially that opening, which looks to me like a vagina.  Yes, I put a vagina in a quiet book and with that little bee in it, I wonder if I could start using the phrase, "What bee flew into your vagina this morning?" when people give me attitude.

As for that little fella...I found him in with a button stash that was sent from my mom.  Perfect..  And he fits through those little white rings, which I call potholder rings.  I think my mom also supplied me with packs of those.


  1. HA! What bee flew in your vagina....Classic Rachel!! Love you my friend. Thanks for the giggle:)

  2. BTW...the book is amazing!!! I made one of these books (for a guest blog post) using actual potholders a few years back....mostly because I cannot sew as well as you and really wanted padded pages like those old school baby books.

    1. Potholders! That's a good idea! I'm not making much progress on these books, so I gotta get cracking!