Friday, September 27, 2013

More Storage

I might as well finish out the week with another post on how I store things in my craft room.  This time, I'm showing off my button storage.

Anything that has a paper back and is still in a set gets put into little sewing box, but the loose buttons are sorted by color and then they get put in jars or canisters.  The brown buttons all go in a brown tin that once held a watch.  Sometimes I try to use special jars, like this one:
I picked up a jar of this jelly on a trip to Alaska and kept the jar.  Green buttons go in this one.

To remember some good dairy from California, I kept a glass bottle that once held delicious heavy cream:
Otherwise, I just use random jelly jars.

Oh, and that jar on the left is not filled with buttons, but strings of vintage rhinestones.  I found a blue velvet dress tossed to the curb a number of years ago.  The dress was ugly, but the rhinestones were cool and some of the velvet with still usable, so I cut the thing up and have been looking to use it up every since.

Because I am a hoarder.

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