Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Out of Three

The bulk of the handiwork for two out of the three retro space stockings is finished.  I embellished with sequins, because Xmas stockings need to sparkle.  I will also add a little red bell to the end of each when the time comes.  

These are so incredibly easy to whip together.  I thought for sure it would take a month...for each, but it really only takes a few evenings while watching mindless television.  Whew.  Makes my life a lot easier come Chistmas crunch time.  Plus I'm handstitching these.  I did not fuse the parts into one applique like the instructions told me.  I just stitched each piece by hand right onto the stocking.  I wonder how fast it would go if I followed the directions.  

1 comment:

  1. These are wonderful. I, personally, do prefer the hand stitch rather than the fuse stuff, too. Now, bling them up! I still say little tree ornaments to match would be perfect. Isn't working with felt great. One of my favorite mediums.