Monday, September 2, 2013

Tomato Jam

My little grape tomato plant has yielded approximately 20 pounds of fruit so far this season.  Um, yeah, that's a lot of little red balls to tackle.  I took five pounds the other day and made this tomato jam.  For visual reference here are four pounds in a colander:
The jam is pretty delicious.  I got 4.5 pints, which is a lot, especially since I did it in the tiny jelly jars.  I served it up to my book club ladies last Monday and they really liked it, but suggested that I call it a tomato spread or a tomato chutney.  We'll see.  I still have a number of months to name it.

UPDATE:  For the tomato jam recipe...I made one batch with half the red pepper flakes and the other batch (yes, another five pounds of these buggers) with the full dose of red pepper flakes.  It made quite a difference.  The second batch has got some kick to it.  Which do I prefer?  Probably the less kicky one.

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