Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Speaking of Japan...

On Monday, I featured a suitcase modpodged with paper from Japan.  I keep some of my patterns in there.  I have various things from Japan that hold my other crafting supplies, as well.

Take this little tin, for example:
"I'm Happy Cat:  The stomach becomes empty and it is not possible to walk any longer."
This is just classic Japanese silly English.  I always thought it would be a great business idea  to proofread everything in Japan, but then you would not get such nonsense phrases.

Anyway, I keep my sequins and seed beads in this tin:
And, stuck in the pink felt, is the only needle that goes through some of those seed beads with an eye that I can actually thread.  I have to keep track of that thing.

We had an early honeymoon a month before our wedding.  I met my husband in Japan for about ten days.  We went to Tokyo and some other fun places, but what really made the trip for me, was a visit back to Ohasama.  I had not been back for nearly ten years, so it was great to visit with old friends, climb Mt. Hayachine, and show my husband all the fun sights.

We also had some drinkable yogurt that is made in my hometown.  I love this stuff.  It is rivaled only by the drinkable yogurt from Ronnybrook.  I used to get that at the farmer's markets in the NYC area.  So good.  Anyway, on my last visit to Ohasama, I kept a little empty Drink Yogurt container...
I keep little beads in it.

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