Sunday, October 25, 2015

Process Shots: Pot o' Gold

The big day is coming up!  We actually had a dress rehearsal today and it went pretty well.  We went over to Como Zoo's ZooBoo and it was kind of neat, but the lines were bonkers long.  Maybe if we try it again, we'll go on an earlier day (today was the last) and we'll try going after 6pm.  We'll also try not having a cantankerous 17 month in tow, because she was pretty miserable and fought every minute of her costume.  It doesn't surprise me, because she bitches if she gets marker on her finger or fuzz between her toes.  She's very persnickety to begin with, so the costume only irritated her some more.

Anyway, Z is a rainbow and, on the shuttle over to the zoo, I got a little nervous because I saw her eyeing some princess costumes.  It was her choice to be a rainbow, not mine, so we've been very committed to this. I've got a playdress half made, but I've held off finishing it or showing her the progress, because I have not wanted to divert her from the rainbow goal.  I also got a little hoity-toity with a lady who complimented her on her rainbow princess costume.  WTF says princess about a literal rainbow?  I don't know. 

Anyway, she's a rainbow with a pot of gold.  We were going to make the toddler into a pot of gold, but my good friend put it best:  a pot of gold is just a prop and Trix does not want to live her costumed-life as a prop to her older sister.  So the pot of gold got moved to the treat bucket and that is what I have to share with you today.

I found a plain black cauldron for cheap at the hardware store and then I needed to find coins.  I tried at the dollar store, but didn't like the looks of them.  My husband suggested poker chips, which we found at the goodwill for $4.99, which was $2.99 more than I wanted to pay.  I traded in some unused spraypaint from the playhouse makeover for some gold metallic.
I went with the white chips, because I figured that any missed spots would not be as blatantly obvious.  
That gold is so shiny!  I didn't think that it would really be that perfect, but it is.  I worried about having all this gold spray paint leftover, but my friend says that she has used gold spray paint a lot over the years for various costuming needs.

I don't have any in process shots of hot gluing the coins onto the cauldron because the lighting was poor, but I can tell you that I hot glued some fabric around the opening and then glued the coins to the fabric.  Here's the finished project (forgive the dim lighting):
We lost one gold coin today, but otherwise it held up well.  It's currently filled with treats, which she thinks she's having for breakfast.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Process Shots: Rainbow

I finally made it into my craft room for some costume making.    Z wants to be a rainbow, so that's what I'm working on.
My outline is six inches long and cut on the fold.  A twelve inch rainbow base worked for even color distribution of about two inches each.
I'm marking from the edge of each color at the 2.25" mark to keep the colors as even as possible all the way around.
You can see the elastic rainbow straps at the top of the red.  Very cute.  I'm actually done with one side, but haven't yet taken any pictures.  I'm thinking of adding a cloud base.  It was my initial idea, but since I snipped pretty far into the green, it's become a much stronger idea.