Monday, October 24, 2016


So this year, we have Jessie from Toy Story and a dinosaur.
Jessie was pretty easy.  The white shirt was painted yellow, edged with ric-rac, and then a little sequin loopty-loo.  The red hat was from the dollar store.  I punched holes all around the edge and then wove cording through them.
The red braid was first attached to the hat with tape, but that caught her hair, so I attached it to her real ponytail.  She wore it to a birthday party for two hours straight and it held up, so that's good.  Of course, in this photo I forgot to put a little yellow ribbon at the end of the braid.

As for the dinosaur, she wanted to be an orange dino, so I ordered matching pants and sweatshirt.  She wears a size 2 and they were a size 2-3, but they were way too big, so I had to hem the bottoms.  I just folded the cuffs up and tacked them down, but I was crunched for time and that was a bit of a pain.  

I found the pattern from this website.  
She was a little bit scared of it and was pretty reluctant to wear it for more than 10 minutes.  We'll see how she does on Halloween night.  Candy is a pretty big motivator.

And from the back: