Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Handmade Ornaments

Another ornament post. 

When I was taking the pictures of the woodburned ornaments, I realized that I had added three additional handmade ones to the tree this year.
My mom visited last Christmas and she made this felt tree during one of our naptime (Z's, not ours, because that would not make sense) crafting sessions.  Neat.  I have it in my head to make felt tree garlands and this was a prototype of sorts. 

Also, my sister sent along two handmade glass ornaments.  She's got a boner for kid handprint art and she made up two snowman print ornaments  (one from each kid) for our tree.

It looks like the palm was on the base of the globe.  She then decorates the little handprints with hats and scarves.  Cute, right?  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thank you, Mel!

When Z was six months or so, we took a family education class.  We had heard all these great things about it, but it didn't really work for us.  Maybe it was the teacher, the other parents, the time of night...or maybe it was just us.  I think all of those who recommended it had taken the class as a stay-at-home during the middle of the day, so they were able to establish these awesome relationships with other parents and go on play dates and whatnot.  Not us.  Or we could just be hyper anti-social and/or maybe we just suck.

Anyway, I didn't take much away from that class (and thank Zeus that I cannot remember that stupid song they always sang), but one conversation does stick with me.  The teacher asked us about family traditions that we had when growing up.  I couldn't think of anything!  I know there must have been, but I just couldn't remember any.  I want us to have traditions of our own for the girls and we have started some (Braham Pie Day - first Friday of August!) and one I am going to poach from a friend.

My best friend from college has been making the Halloween costumes** for her kids for years and each year she finds a coordinating Christmas tree ornament that represents that year's costume.  It's the best idea!  And it's a nice little tradition.  I don't know if she gives the ornaments to them on Christmas Day or if they get them beforehand - I should ask.  

As you may remember, gentle Reader, the girls were a squirrel and an acorn for Halloween this year.  I was pinning a bunch of felt squirrels that I was convinced would become Z's ornament.  Of course, I wouldn't have any time to make it until after the holidays and I haven't even tackled last year's kitty costume ornament (though I have saved swatches of that fabric for such a project).  

And then it hit dear friend from high school makes custom ornaments.  She posted an example of some on FB and I had this immediate happy reaction to them.  I absolutely knew that was the direction I wanted to go for this year.  So I placed an order and within a week they were at my door.

They are perfect!

The dates are burned into the back of them.   So perfect.  Thank you, Mel!

Here's a link to Mel's etsy shop.  Good stuff!

** This friend is the best costumer I know.  Seriously, she should go pro.

Friday, December 12, 2014


It's all pinned and rolled and ready for quilting.  I just need some strong white thread.  Stinker.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sun Catcher

A few weeks ago I went to my daughter's classroom for an hour long crafting session.  They instituted something called Fun Fridays where parents/relatives come in to do something interesting with the kids.  They've had a beekeeper and a firefighter...that's pretty exciting stuff.   I was not going to sign up, because I couldn't think of anything to do with them.

And then I saw a tutorial for a leaf suncatcher on Pinterest.  Neat, right?  So, I signed up for the Fun Friday.  I was going to bring a small number of embroidery hoops for each kid, but then I started thinking about making one giant sun catcher for their big windows.  I think the one I bought was 17"x22", which was a really nice size.  While buying the hoop, the cashier asked what I was going to be working on.  When I told her, she suggested that I go to the dollar store three stores down and I could find the contact paper there.  She was right.  Yay!  $2.00!

I didn't take any process shots and I didn't take a finished picture, so the school was kind of enough to send me this picture.  
Two or three weeks before my scheduled appointment, I went out and collected leaves.  Z and I tried to do it, but she ended up keeping them all, so I had to make another trip out.  I even plucked some bright red leaves off a bush while I was out working.  The week before we made this, I went into the yard and grabbed as much foliage from my garden as I could.  It snowed the next day, so I was pretty lucky to have gotten anything.  I then squished everything into big books...1000 Recipes was a helpful book as was my Practical Guide to Homicide book.  Don't ask.

A group of six kids and their teacher helped make this.  It was a nice little project.  I especially liked working with the kids.  Not because they are funny and cute and whatever, because they are all those things, but because they helped put into perspective that my kid is just like them...normal. All of them, Z included, was weird and scattered and stubborn and emotional.  That's good.  For a while there I thought I had an alien child who was hell bent on destroying my sanity.  Well, she's still that, but apparently they are all aliens and they are all hell bent on destroying the sanity of their parents.

Monday, December 8, 2014

I Spy Quilt Progress

I've been slowly working on this I Spy quilt for my new nephew.  My goal is to finish it by this weekend.  Slow, but steady.  My efforts were hampered today by a fevered baby who spent 80% of the morning snuggled on my chest.

All of these pictures were taken with the camera on my phone, which really kinda sorta sucks.
What we have here is an example of how I really kinda sorta suck at quilting.  Each quilt that I have made has this same problem - nothing ever aligns as it is supposed to.  Those squares up there are supposed to match up, but they don't.  I can't blame the squares from Crafterhours, because the rows with all of them line up just fine.  The rows where I have added my own square or two are the ones with the problem.  

In the end, I fixed these problem areas by ripping out stitches and trimming the squares down on the ends.  It's not perfect, but it's better to have white sashing on the ends than have the I Spy squares touching the binding.

I spent some time on the couch watching a really good show this weekend:  Black Mirror.  It's really riveting, so I squeezed in a little bit of clipping loose threads.
I still have to quilt the thing and then bind it, which is one of those in front of the TV activities, but that needs my attention, so maybe I'll catch up on Project Runway episodes when I do that one.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tea Time

This little altoid-like tea tin came with a tea box two years ago and I quickly snatched it up and tossed it into my craft room abyss.  (Again, Craft Hoarding.)  I knew that it would someday have a purpose.
That day has come.
Play tea tin!  I made these four little tea bags for my niece's tea set.   She'll get them for Christmas when her play kitchen comes back online.  

It's really just a rectangle of cloth, a small pinch of filling, a ribbon and a sliver of felt for the tag.  I went ahead and embroidered "TEA" onto the label.  Should I have written the tag out upside down?  I can't decide.
I don't have any more tea tins like this one, which opens really easily and the lid is attached, which is super nice.  These came with that doll house box lot and are pretty cool, but they are a little tough to open and the lid detaches so it will promptly get lost.   Who am I kidding, the tea bags would probably get lost, too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A few summer seasons ago, Target offered plastic pint baskets in the Three Dollar Spot.  I think there were two to a package.  I bought two packages and then I found another two packages that fall at the Goodwill, which gets Target's castoffs for 99 cents.  In the end, I really did not need that many fake baskets.  

I really think I'm becoming a Hoarder.  A Craft Hoarder.  It's in the DSM V.  Look it up.

As I was saying, I use a few of them to store wooden food in the play kitchen and the rest are wedged in the craft closet somewhere next to a paper making kit (unused) and photo albums (partially filled).  I finally found a use for the smaller of the baskets:

I used Martha Stewart's tutorial for strawberry pincushions.  (I can hear my mother now saying "Good Ol' Martha.")  I didn't print the pattern piece, but eyeballed it and it worked.  I also skipped the part about making seeds.  
So cute!  One tried to escape (not shown) and was hiding under the couch behind a massive tumblefur.  

Tumblefur - as defined by Webster's - is a pet hair cluster resembling a tumbleweed.  Look it up.

I have to sew the little green cap to it and then I can add it to this little outcropping.

It really inspired me to want to make a bunch of play food and I've been pinning like a mad lady.  These are not for my kid, though.  These were intended as a birthday gift for my niece, but I have since learned that her play kitchen disintegrated in a recent move and will be replaced at the end of the month for Christmas.  So these will keep until then and I *gasp* bought a birthday gift instead.