Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Bookmarks

I had the day off today and I would have gone up into my craft room, but we are having a heat wave and I don't have air conditioning in that room.  I decided to try my hand at making some more laminated bookmarks. on the level with the AC.  I really do love that thing.

I used my broken Little Women book as source material.

I loved this book, so it was a little sad to cut it up, but that binding is shot.

But then I also had a bit of a hard time cutting up the Fireside Cookbook that I have, so maybe I just don't like to cut up books (not a bad issue to have, I'm sure).
It's such a pretty book with gorgeous full-page, color illustrations throughout, like this creature:
In case you were wondering what this creature's sign said.

In addition to the full-page illustrations, there are little illustrations that are also pretty great:

But the binding is broken and the book is stained:

I don't know.  One page was loose, so I just cut that one up.  

I love this new batch of bookmarks, but those marbled ones are still my favorite.

Trivia Q:  Name the four March sisters from Little Women.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I decided to offer free bookmarks with my little free library, so I ordered a laminator and 500 (!) bookmark-sized lamination sheets.  They both arrived the day before the grand opening (phew!), so I spent two hours whipping up about 50 bookmarks.

Do you remember when I took that marbling class at the Textile Center?  (Refreshers here, here, here, and here.)   I still had a lot of marbled sheets of paper left over, because I've only made cards and stockings (with the fabric).  I grabbed a bunch of sheets, started slicing, and laminated.

They went from just plain sheets:

To bookmarks:
I just placed them in front of the books for people to grab when they open the library.  Until the library's architect and I come up with a better solution, I think this will work well:

What else should I laminate?  I have a broken copy of Little Women so maybe some book pages?  And then I have an old cookbook with adorable illustrations that I've been thinking of cutting up.  I've had it for five (or more) years and every time I go to cut it up, I have second thoughts.  It's sort of wonderful just all together, but the spine is busted and the cover is grody.  Maybe some bookmarks then?  My mom spends lots of time coloring, so perhaps some of her completed sheets can be laminated, too.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Little Free Library!

On Saturday we had the grand opening for our Little Free Library.  About thirty friends came (thank you!) from my neighborhood, my book club, and my kids' school.  We had a ribbon cutting, book-themed refreshments, free bookmarks, and lots and lots of donations (more thank yous!).

My neighbor hand-crafted this beauty and I painted it.  It's pretty adorable!

Open for business!
These hinges are pretty cool, but after about an hour of repetitive opening and shutting, they got a bit loose.  The architect says we may need to exchange these decorative ones for some more industrial strength ones.

We spread the donations out on a table.  I have a whole extra box of books to keep the library fully stocked.
We had fun coming up with literature-themed snacks.  I found little chalk place cards/markers at the store.  They were pretty cheap and fell down a lot, but they served their purpose.  Unfortunately, the words are hard to read in photos, but we served:  Goodnight Gorilla animal crackers, One Fish Two Fish Gold Fish, Lemonade Snickets, Mouse's Cookies, Moose's Muffins, Raisins in the Sun, and Sticks and Scones.  That last one was a bit hard.  My neighbor-architect made the most delicious scones on the planet, so I just googled book titles with scones and that's a real book name.  

As of this afternoon, two books have been taken (yay!).  I'm going to wait a bit before shoving more books in, in case anyone wants to donate any.  I realized that I had stuffed it quite full, so there was no room for random donations.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Coming Soon!

Over the winter my neighbor made a Little Free Library for our block and it's going to be installed in front of my house in just two weeks!  The post went in last week, so I just have to finish painting and put the final touches on it.  So exciting!   

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Indigo and Shibori

I took an indigo and shibori class at the Textile Center on Saturday with a new friend (yay!).  I neglected to take any process shots or any before and after shots, so you're just left with the finished product.

I had a bunch of old, stained embroidered linens.  I keep calling them doilies, but I don't think they are doilies.

This one is my favorite.  I like that the indigo did not penetrate the embroidery.  Before I washed it in the washing machine, it was really dark with the blue.
 This one is lame.  I don't know why I even bothered with it.  I had a stain on it, so I thought I would dye it, but meh.
 I like this long butterfly linen, but when I washed it some holes appeared.  I think I need to cut it up somehow and make it into something else.
The instructor provided canvas bags for all of us to work on.  I used some clamps on mine and it came out like this:
I had a giant t-shirt leftover from that inkodye project that I did a number of years back, so I dug through my craft abyss the morning of the class and brought it along.  I wrapped it with twine and scrunched it on a pole using the arashi (storm) technique.  This is the front:
 This is the back:
I'm thinking about cutting it up into a dress for Z.  It's really long and she's into long dresses lately.

I had a yard of fabric and didn't get to dip it into the indigo for very long and I hastily tied it into knots before I dipped it.  
It's still very white. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the class and the instructor (her stuff is here).  Will I set up my own vat of indigo?  Hmmm...I'm not sure.  There was a lot involved and the indigo was like a living, breathing thing and I wouldn't want to murder it.  

Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Seven

Seven bibs.  That's all I have to show for myself in the last three months.  This is really pretty pathetic.  Oh well.  My craft room is a disaster, I like television and books, and now it's summertime, so I have to keep up with my gardening.
A friend had a little baby girl and I went to my go-to gift:  bibs.  I know, I've done a million bibs, so no one cares, but now they are decorating my urban apple tree, so shut up.
Skull bib.  This has been one of my favorite fabrics since I started sewing about eight years ago.  I made my mom an apron out of it and I've used it in other various projects over the years.  I even put a 5x5 (does anyone else always think of BTVS' Faith?) square of it in Z's I Spy quilt, which, apparently, was the wrong thing to do.  She hates that square and that means she sometimes hates the blanket.  Anyway, I'm down to my last bit of this fabric and I thought there was enough to torture this baby with it.  Hah!  Her mom's a roller derby goddess, so I think skulls are an acceptable accessory.
Blue floral.  This one almost got scrapped.  It didn't align with the towel as well as I had anticipated, so it may have turned out a little smaller than the others.  
I love these little birds!  And that yellow one is also from an early apron.  I miss my apron-making days. 

Final shot of bibs in a tree: