Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Napkin Sweatshop

My friend invited a group of us over for a napkin making sewing session.   It was fun and it's been so long since I spent all day sewing with a group of ladies.  I think the last time was over seven years ago.  

The idea was to set up an assembly line of sorts, where some would cut, some would iron, some would sew, etc.  That happened a little bit, but we had some napkin style variations, so it wasn't an exact assembly line sweatshop experience.  To sustain us through five and a half hours of sewing we had delicious nibbles:

Anyway, on to the sewing photos!  Here are some process shots of ladies hands hard at work:
I always like photos of hands at work.  Not my hands.  My hands are crap, but other hands are nice.

Check out the finished stack:
Amanda's napkins were all double sided.  Some were backed with recycled tablecloths or other fabrics.  
Katie's napkins were also double sided, but finished with mitred corners and she used this pattern from Purl Soho.  I'm very impressed that she committed to that pattern!  So hard!
Colleen and I both went with single layer napkins.  I brought my serger and once we figured out how to thread it (and keep it threaded), it was a very quick process to whip up some napkins.  Here are Colleen's:

?? ??  Oh crap!  I didn't take any photos of hers.  Ugh.  I'm the worst friend.  You can see her black ones and maroon ones stacked in with mine.   Here are our serged edges:
Serging was so much fun.  I need to get better at using that machine and should probably take another class.  I also took a part off of it for the rolled narrow hem and I'm not sure how to put it back.

Anyway, here are my napkins:

It was a lovely day!  I've proposed doing it again, but making holiday gift bags.  It's just an idea...

Oh, but before we part, I will leave you with a pile of sewing smegma:


  1. You are right...it wasn't very sweatshoppy with all the different patterns. But with the serger it went so quick that you don't really need an assembly line like with the double-sided I make (as opposed to the double-sided Katie made, which I'm so in love with!). I'll plan another one in next fall/winter. When the weather is gross. For now it's time to play outside (or at least do hand sewing while sitting outside!). Thanks for recapping our day!

    1. I know! Katie's were so fancy with the corners! Thank you for hosting us!