Friday, March 31, 2017

Craft Cart

This Christmas I gave the girls a bunch of new art supplies.  With these additions, the plastic shoeboxes that held all of the art supplies started to overflow.  I've had my eye on the IKEA Raskog cart for the longest time, but going to IKEA is always such a project, so I started to look online for alternative carts and found one at Target.  
It fits perfectly between the wall and the art table.  

When it got set up, my eldest loved sorting all of the craft supplies into containers.  It doesn't always stay so neat.

On the top level, they have all of their markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, etc:
It doesn't go in the cart, but I found an electric pencil sharpener on clearance at Target and the girls are smitten with sharpening their colored pencils.  We were using those tiny hand sharpeners, but the points never got sharp enough and were always broken.  I thought it was the quality of the pencil, but the electric sharpener has proven that the pencils are fine.
With my littlest still being under three, we have to stay vigilant about watching her activity with the scissors.  She always goes for the pointiest ones, of course.  They go to a school that promotes having art supplies and things easily available to the kids at any time, so putting everything in the cart (including scary scissors) mimics the school situation. 
The second level has tapes, stamps, water colors, and oddities.  They love tape.  That dispenser is mine and I'd like to find one for them so that I can have that back, but it's okay for now.  It's pretty sturdy, so it's held up well against their destructive nature.

The third layer just holds all the papers, stickers, and coloring books:
So that's their cart.  The only thing I keep out of it are the acrylics.  We'd always be painting if they saw them out all the time.  

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