Saturday, August 25, 2012

Burning the Quarter to Midnight Oil

I couldn't quite make it to midnight, so at 11:45pm last night, I called it quits.  I was working on that motorcycle biker-chick apron for my coworker.  I started sewing at about 10:00pm.  I only had the bodice portions gathered with the top and bottom edges in place.
 I had to make bias binding for the halter straps, sew skirt darts, sew skirt to bodice, sew the waist straps together and to the apron, sew the two apron sides together, and then top stitch everything.
I still have to finish making the bias binding (I only cut it out, I did not fold and press) and then attach that to the apron.  I also have to remove all my gathering stitches.  I started to do that last night, but when I dropped my seam ripper and it rolled across the room, I let it stay there and went to bed.

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