Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On My Sewing Table

 This is an Alexander Henry print called "Heels on Wheels." Oh, you can't see the heels?  Here ya go:
 I went through a phase when I first started sewing where I kept purchasing all these stupid pin up men/women fabrics.  Thankfully I never purchased more than two yards of each, but it's still a lot of novelty fabric to deal with and use up.
 When I was buying an extra bit of the coordinating fabric for this project, I stopped by the used bookstore next door to Treadle Yard Goods and I started talking with the bookstore worker about these ridiculous pin-up fabrics and their potential uses.  She uses them as backdrops to book collections to spice up displays.
What sort of story collection would go with these ladies?

But we concluded that the only thing these fabrics are usually good for are pajama bottoms and aprons.  So I'm working on an apron for a friend at work who passed her motorcycle license test ages ago.  It's all cut out and the bodice is gathered, but I just haven't been able to motivate beyond that.  
I'm hoping talking about it here will get my ass in gear to sew! Sew! SEW!

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