Monday, August 13, 2012

Media Mail 3: Babycrafts

 The third and final book in last week's surprise package of craft books is The Complete Book of Babycrafts, which was published by Arco back in 1981.
This book is chock full of goodness.  It starts out with a knit section and, if I could knit, I would be sure to place my child in an embarrassing outfit such as this one:
I love the little one!  So cute!

Speaking of cute, what about this wooly bear caterpillar coat:
What a funny thing.  How would this withstand Minnesota winters?

I think I'm really interested in making Puff, here:

And I like this owl, but those eyes are freaky!

I really love this!  I've seen these floating around Pinterest, but this one is pretty neat with the flower garden on the side.  It just slips over a folding table.  So nifty! I think I'm going to make this one, for sure!

I also like this coat...

And then there is this:
A clown pajama bag!  And wouldn't you know that I have one of these from when I was a kid:
Very crazy!  This fella now hangs on my craft room door and holds interfacing.

So those were my three books from the media mail package from my friend, Brain!  Thank you, again! I think I'll get the most use out of the babycrafts book!

1 comment:

  1. OMG that is the same clown. I had forgotten about that.

    Dagan would love a Puff for his match his new bedspread.

    and the owl is awesome...just change the eyes. That's a great book.

    and the card table house...what a great portable toy for when you visit someone......