Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Media Mail 1: Knitty Kitties

I received an awesome package yesterday from my friend in California.  She's a librarian and found some awesome, dated craft books that were being pulled from circulation and passed them my way.  There were three books total and the first was Cat Knits:  20 delightfully feline designs for handknitters by Melinda Coss.
You think the cover is awesome?  The innards are even better!

It was published in 1988, but I bet you couldn't tell that from this outfit...
And I think Cats was pretty popular back then...
That's Les and I think he took modeling lessons from those hairstyle books that you find on the end tables in salons.  Not convinced?  See below:
And check out the back of his sweater!
Spilt milk!  Maybe that should be my backup blog banner...

And the best sweater in the book is one with Parker on the Minnesota Vikings backdrop.
Yay!  I love it, Brain!  If only I could knit...I'd make you that "catastrophe" sweater!  It's so awesome!


  1. I have the "catastrophe" jumper. Can't wear it, can't bear to throw it out. What's a girl to do?

    1. Oh! That is awesome! Did you make it? Was it a gift? So funny!