Friday, February 28, 2014

What a Talented Crafter You Are, Grandmother(s)

My daughter is very lucky to have two crafty grannies!

Her Grandma Dee sent her a fun little book bag for her birthday...
So fun!  I can't wait to have her fill it with books at the library this summer.

I am always impressed when anyone takes the time to hand tack ric-rac.  I am very lazy and just sew it with the machine, but look at this:
And a pretty flower!

It was also personalized:
Good stuff!!   Thank you!

A generous reader of this blog donated some skeins (is that what they are called?) of yarn to my crafting stash and Grammie Merrie borrowed some to crochet little doll blankets.  She incorporated some of her own stash for some fun designs:
These can most often be found wrapping up a baby (or a tiger or a fox) to be fed (or snuggled or pushed in a stroller):
Cuteness!  Many thanks!  

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