Monday, February 17, 2014

Pinspiration: Scarf

I pinned this sweater-scarf the other morning and the next thing I knew, I was digging around in my closet for my husband's old sweater vest and some coordinating fabric.

The sweater vest was a vintage store find and he loved it, but the waistband was shot after a few wearings.  I took it off his hands and told him that I'd find it a new life.  That was over a year ago.  
It's an acrylic sweater, so felting was out of the picture, but why not try a scarf?

I followed the directions on the pattern, except I happened to make my scarf a tad longer to incorporate the black band and the bottom:
After sewing the two scarf pieces together, the sliver of white is gone.  I also top stitched the seam open to help remove some bulkiness.

As for the lining, I went with some blue that has been in my stash for ages.  I am pretty sure my mom contributed this piece.  I think that's about the size of a fat quarter or so and I have never really found a way to use it due to that larger print toward the middle of the fabric.  I have a piece of orange and a piece of brown that both seem to be from the same line as the blue, but have also never found a way to use them.  (I really need to start making little bags or pouches to use up all these oddities.)
And here is my finished scarf:
Not bad, yeah?  The directions never suggested attaching that little loop to the scarf itself, which I found to be rather asinine.  I mean, how soon would that little thing get lost?  So I made it a permanent part of the scarf.

Now, what do you think of wearing it with the lining out?
That may be a possibility.  I'll have to let you know how it all works out after I get this baby out of me.  I tried this on and it just looked ridiculous, because my boobs and all my organs have been pushed into my neck like one big goiter, so I need to wait until all that settles back into place before I can probably wear this scarf with any sort of confidence.

Otherwise, the sweater is so soft and it feels really cozy.  Plus, I have enough sweater to make another one of these.  I also have enough of that blue left.  

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