Monday, February 24, 2014

Hungry Caterpillar

To celebrate Z's two year birthday, we got tickets to The Children's Theatre to see Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar.  It was done with puppets under blacklights and it was really fun!  She loved it and actually managed to sit through the hour-long production.  Good stuff.

And with that, I found a reason to use up a yard of some Hungry Caterpillar fabric that was given to me as a gift a year ago.  Simplicity 4437, which seems to now be out of print, was the pattern of choice.
 And this is my version of the jumper:
Obviously, I lapped the left over the right chest piece instead of the right over the left.  It didn't impact very much, but the skirt overlap is on the wrong side.  I suppose I should've switched that overlap.  I wasn't thinking.  I skipped the ribbons that went along the neckline.

The other problem I had with this dress was the grain of the print.
Had I cut out the pattern following the grainline, the print would have turned out vertically.  I figured that the dress is small enough that it may not make a difference.

And the back:
 The zip is not the prettiest, but it will do.

And here's something about that pattern that I found kind of nutty.  So, some of the directions wanted me to serge the seams for a clean finish, but the gathered edges at the waist were left untended.  I thought that was pretty nuts.  Unless I missed it, the directions did not suggest that I stick the gathered edges up between the bodice front and lining.  I took some peach bias binding and finished the waistband on my own:
Oh, and I suppose it's pretty obvious that I did not take time to match the lines.  Bah.

And here she is at the theatre:

It's a little big, but that's better than being too small, right?


  1. Ok this is hands down my new favorite project from you!! So cute and love the tights you paired it with! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Zelda! I have loved "watching" you grow:)