Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So, after months and months and months I finally have some curtain rods installed in my bedroom and the craft room.  They've all been sitting on the floor.  Yup.  Anyway, I passive aggressively charged the drill in the bathroom, which was a big hint to my husband that he should get on this project...and a few hours later...rods!

I ended up ordering some thermal/blackout curtains from Overstock for the bedroom and I'll need to hem them.  As for the craft room, I took a look at my stash and came away with two options.

Ugh.  Can't really see them with the light filtering through, but the one on the right is the favorite at this point.  I will need to line them, but I was checking out lining fabrics the other day and I'm not quite sure what to choose.  I found some blackout lining that did not seem too heavy, but I'm not sure how it will mix with the airiness of that right floral fabric.  Bah.   

But I really want to find something to make with that cherry fabric.  Bags?  Pillows?  I don't know. 


  1. the cherry and flower cloth looks like kitchen apron material to me, if that helps with ideas. the xmas bags from earlier look awesome. -the boy

  2. Hmmmm....I had not thought of it a an apron. Will think on that. Thanks...they're some pretty solid bags and they are nice and big for giant kids' toys.