Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working on the Baby Book

For the first child, of course, because that needs to be mostly done before the next one comes along in three (3!) months.  I stalled after my last spurt of scrapbooking (must've been last June) due to the summer and the Christmas crafting and whatnot.  I dug everything out again and it has taken over the table in my craft room, which really sucks, because I need to quilt something and there's no space.  I need to move the sewing machine to the dining room for a night to get the quilting done.  Anyhoo, so this is what I've accomplished recently.

Also, before we proceed, please be aware that I am not a professional scrapbooker. I have never been on a retreat and I can't for the life of me figure out how to use my second-hand cricut.  Seriously, I've tried and I suck at it.  I think there's a machine malfunction, but maybe it's user error. So, I'm probably what you would consider a sloppy scrapbooker and will not inspire you in any way, shape, or form.  Keep this in mind while you look at my pages.

Well, I guess I did manage to squeeze out a few leaves on the cricut, but that's about all I've managed. No letters, which is why I really want to use it.  My blade drags across everything.  It sucks.
The background was found in a scrapping kit from the Goodwill, which probably came from Target, because they send their overstock to the Goodwill.  The letters are glitter stickers, obviously.

The next page is part of a set, but I left the second page off, because there's a non-family member in one of the photos and I didn't feel like giving her some identity protection (and by that I mean one of those black stripes across the eyes).
I cut out the letters (sloppily) by hand from a letter stencil template that I've had before cricut was even invented, I bet.  The background is from an Asian stack.

I really like to use the art that is sent home from daycare as much as I can.  I have a bunch of those ghost footprints with googly eyes that I want to stick on a Halloween page.  For this one, I took a gingerbread man that they sent home:
I suppose there's space in the middle there for journaling, but I'm not good at that, so...

And here's another example of stuff sent home from daycare:
They made her a crown for her first birthday, so I cut off the name portion and just used that as a big fat border on the page.

And here's the most recent page:


  1. I love the "who wore it best?" hilarious. You did a great job! It's fun looking at her really baby pictures and seeing her "grown up" face in them.

    1. I know...she looks so different, but the same. It's weird. case you didn't know, that is actually the dog's outfit! I'm sure Z will have to go in therapy because I dressed her up in dog's costume.