Monday, February 10, 2014

Ironing Board...After

So here is the before...
And here is the after:
I was going to use this fabric:
It's a lovely little piece of vintage fabric.  I found it at a yard sale in Santa Cruz, but have never found a reason to use it.  I changed my mind at the last minute, because I convinced myself that I have enough for a small clutch.

And so I chose this:
And that's the little iron I found online.  Cute, right?

I just put this fabric over the old fabric.
And then I added some ribbon or hemming tape to prettify the edges:
My staples did not go in all the way, so I hammered them down.  They had twill tape on the old cover, which I should have used, because the hemming tape is bound to tear.  

And then I gave it my little girl.  

 She liked it well enough, but she was more interested in pushing it around the house.  Ugh.  When will she grow out of the pushing stage?  


  1. Bravo Mommy. What an awesome little toy. The kidling is one lucky little girl. I've seen that fabric before. What else did you do with it?

    1. I haven't done anything else with that fabric. It looks familiar because it is yours. We had to take away the ironing board last night, because she wouldn't stop pushing it around and when it tipped over she went hysterical.

  2. That turned out so cute! Not sure about the pushing stage but Z is pulling on my heartstrings! SHE IS SO CUTE!!!