Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Indulgence

The baby has settled into a routine of eating around 5am and then sleeping until about 9am, so mornings are the only time I get to myself.  Unfortunately, weekday mornings are spent working, so on Saturdays, I like to head out of the house.  I put the monitor on my husband's bedside table, though I'm pretty sure he'd find a way to sleep through her hollering, and I go to the Farmer's Market.

And I eat gelato.

That's right.  Around 7am, almost every Saturday, you can find me scarfing down a cup of Chihuahua Chocolates' gelato at the St. Paul Downtown Farmer's Market.

Here's today's sampling:
Strawberry Rhubarb, though I guess this is technically sorbetto.  Still delicious.  Still in my belly.  Not in yours.

I've also tried their chocolate-hazelnut and their coconut flavors.  The chocolate one was super good, but I've decided to try all flavors over the course of the summer.  You do realize that nursing mothers need as many calories as a rower to sustain breastfeeding, don't you?  

Today the baby did not want to go back to sleep, so I hauled her to the market (where she promptly fell asleep), and I ate my sorbetto while maneuvering the stroller down the lanes and around the people.  

And the stroller is a pretty awesome way to store all purchases.   I always have to get my gelato first, so that I can go fill my arms with goodies, but with the stroller I could load it up and still have my gelato.  Today the stroller was filled with:
pretty flowers



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  1. aaahhh....Your Saturday indulgence sounds divine:)