Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Stout Condom

That's what my neighbor called my new popsicle mold.
Heehee.  It is fairly phallic and metallic.  Hey, that rhymes.  Maybe, if I had a rock band, I would name it Phallic Metallic.  

Anyway, I was in the market for popsicle molds and I was drawn to the fact that these were plastic-free and they just look sturdy, like they won't crack when you try to unmold the popsicle.

So I've used them twice now.  The first time I made strawberry pops using a recipe from Paletas, a cookbook on Mexican ice pops.  It was just strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice, I think.  Very simple.  I thought they were yummy, but my husband is not a fan of strawberry popsicles.  Who knew?  Well, I guess he knew.

I also picked up a cookbook called People's Pops, so I tried a recipe for raspberry cream swirled popsicles.  It was basically raspberries, a simple syrup, and heavy cream.  Sounds delightful, right?  The picture in the book sure made it look appetizing.

After unmolding it, however, it seemed more like a penis with diseases from a Shumash tribe.**
I still ate it.  Delicious.  Tangy, sweet, but rather gritty.  Next time I will strain the seeds out, I think.  If there is a next time.  The husband also doesn't like raspberry pops.  Ugh.  I can't win!

So I'm a fan.  The mold is holding up really well.  You need to work fast, though, to get them out, because once you run the mold under cold water, you need to take the pop out right away.  If you let it sit, the stainless steel stays cold for a bit and you have to run it under water again.  Just look at it...doesn't it just seem chilly?
That is one frosty mold.  So yeah...it's by Onyx and I got it off of Amazon.  Don't look at the price!  It was expensive, but we'll be enjoying it for years to come, so if you do look at the price, just divide that by years to come.  I need to invest in some reusable bamboo sticks, though.  It only came with 12 sticks and I think I chucked half of them after the first popsicles were done, because I didn't think I could reuse them.  Bummer.

**Bonus points for anyone who figures out that reference!


  1. haha, you could start a side business for bachelorette parties!

    1. I have just the cookie cutters for that, as well. You may have them Rachel. You must get the Nutella recipe for fudge bars. They say they are awesome.