Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here she is in all her glory!
 I don't know...do you think that she's a bit...
 Vegas Showgirl-ish?
 Meh.  Who cares?!
 The other thing that I was thinking...I wonder if this will even get any bids at the silent auction.  I worry that the plethora of vegetarians and vegans in Santa Cruz will protest the use of feathers.  
 Maybe I should just keep it.  Do you think?  Nah...it's for a fundraiser and what would I do with a bird bra but parade around the house in it.
 Well, I'll send it in...but before I do, I should try to remove all those plastic glue strings left by the cooled hot glue...you can see a globule in the photo above.  Nuts.
Look at those fire-y boobs!  Ha-cha-cha!


  1. Ultimate bra turned out very good. It's lovely. Too bad you don't have time to do a Phoenix apron thing to go along with the theme. Enter and be proud.

  2. LOVE it BUT...I say parade around the house at least once before sending it in:) Shake those tail feathers!!

    1. Hah! You know me too well! Believe me when I say that I definitely got in a shimmy or two!