Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gold Finch and a Rescue

We had a bird (not this one) get caught in our squirrel proof feeder the other night.  I went out to hang diapers and glanced over at the feeder and saw a little sparrow dangling from it.  I ran inside and grabbed some gloves, thinking that I was going to have to dispose of him, but when I went to move the little bird body, he flapped his wings!  It was horrible.  He was dangling by his neck out of the stupid feeder!  

I was pretty upset by this.  All during my pregnancy I would sob whenever I heard or read about any animal that got hurt or killed and I think that's still sort of lingering.

Anyway, I got my husband and we took the feeder down and moved it to the grass.  I held onto the little bird body and tried to gently ease him out, but his beak was caught under the lip of the feeder hole.  My husband opened up the back of the feeder and tried to dislodge him with a stick.  Nothing.  I was so afraid that we'd have to leave him to suffer or, worse, put him out of his misery.   

I was still holding onto his little body (trying to give him some relief by holding him level with the feeder) and we were discussing the possibility of transporting the bird to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, when, all of a sudden, the bird wiggled loose and flew off!  I guess he just needed some help so that he could get his head out himself.  Yay!

And our neighbors rescued a little fledgling from the jaws of their pooch tonight.  

It's a treacherous world out there our fine feathered friends.

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