Monday, July 2, 2012

Kneighborly Knit

Our neighbor gave this to our little gal:
 Isn't it lovely?  She's super talented.  Check out all the different stitches in the sleeves:
I wish I knew how to knit.  That would be fun, but I suppose I have enough crafts on my plate to last me a while.  But maybe I can convince the neighbor to teach my daughter to knit!


  1. I bought you a book at a recycle store in Cary....I think it's Bitchin Knitting....pretty sure. You can knit since you are right handed. That sweater is precious. After she outgrows it, maybe it can find a home on a Teddy Bear in her bedroom. Awesome.

  2. arg, knitting. i tried it and dont have the patience for it! it takes forever, and if you screw up you have to pull out all your work, and i refused to ever try making a piece of clothing b/c i'd sure i'd spend a million hours knitting a sweater just to have it turn out to be the wrong size or lopsided or something! babyclothes would be my one possible compromise b/c they are so small, but i'd still need more practice to make it to that point. my friends got a gorgeous baby sweater from a grandmother who nobody knew knitted (she was so modern! but i guess she learned as a child). everyone was so impressed, but the sleeves were too long, and the yarn was real wool and scratchy, so i'm sure this beautiful sweater was going to live out its life in the closet! knit stuff just always ends up making me sad!

    1. I never thought about it like that! Let's stick to embroidery....did you ever finish your bag??