Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Package of Craftiness

My mom sent me a box last week filled with crafting goodness.  My mom is a frequent yard saler and finds many great and cheap deals.  Plus she's a priceline negotiator...if it's marked 50 cents, she'll get them down to 25 cents.  In fact, we come from a long line of yard grandparents used to have a bumper sticker on their car that said, "We brake for all yard sales" or something like that.  I don't get out to the sales as much as I would like, but I hope to in the future.

Fabric...Lovely, heavy, and vintage, I think.  There are about three yards of it.  I should do a laundry test on a swatch to see how it would hold up to washing.  Sometimes I think that I can only make bags and things out of vintage fabric, because I'm afraid it won't hold up to the rigorous swishing of the washing machine.

Lace and bridal, but I could see it used in a costume.  Plus, as the second photo points out, you can cut it up into various shapes and use it in a number of ways.

Kids patterns...Simplicity 8100 (can't find a link to it -- shorts and tees), Simplicity 7983 (mysterious lack of link on this one too -- dresses, tunics, capris, and bonnet), Butterick 3280 ("paper" dolls), McCall's M5865 (bonnets/hats), and Simplicity 8716 (tank, shorts, skirt, shirt, and pants).


Knitting book.  I don't knit, but I suppose I could learn.

Ice cream recipe book.  Hmmmm...I think I'll need to buy elastic pants from this point forward if I make the recipes in this book!

Thanks, Mom!  As always, your packages are much appreciated!  There was some other stuff, too, for the baby, but these were all the crafting goodies.


  1. Thanks for the Kudos, Rachel. The black and white flower buttons and the Stitchin Bitch book came from the new Cary scrap exchange store. I don't even remember the fabric. :-) And yes, I do negotiate everything. Nothing wrong with that. It's recycling. My theory is, if you are selling it at a yard sale and don't take my offer, then you can haul it to the Goodwill and make a donation....or you can have some cash in your pocket. You decide. Another theory of mine is if some woman is stupid enough to buy a pair of shoes for $100-400 retail and wear them once, I'm smart enough to buy them at $2....same with purses. No purse is worth $200......who gives a crap if it's Coach or not. Big Freaking Deal. Your folly is my gain. Off the soapbox and back to the thrill of the hunt

    1. And I just thought of a use for those little character buttons...remember that theatre that I made? I can totally see a bumblebee at the flowers, or a kitten in a window, or a little bunny near a bush. Awesome.

  2. Yes I thought the same thing when I saw the dragonfly