Monday, July 9, 2012

Diaper Bag: Done.

I had it all planned out.

I was going to do a teaser post entitled "Diaper Bag: Face Off!" after I had done the zipper facings.
I just had a good feeling about the zipper/turning part.  In fact, I was so certain that I had finally inserted the lining correctly, that I found myself humming a little number from My Fair Lady as I sewed it together.  You know the one...Eliza, Prof. Higgins, and Col. Pickering have all just returned from the ball and Higgins and Pickering are exclaiming the success of the evening in song form: 
"I did it!  I said that I could do it and, indeed, I did!"

So smug.

So wrong.

Disaster.  Again.  Why won't this stupid [expletive deleted] zipper ever go in correctly?  I just don't understand where I go wrong.  So, once again, I found myself seam ripping and getting the zipper facing out and then just turning the seams under and top stitching it in place.
Anyway, diaper bag is done.  

Here it is:


  1. Well it's lovely. All it needs now is a big Z iron-on on the front. Awesome. Retire that package and next time make something else for new mothers. You did good, Rachel.

    And don't forget "Don't cry over SPILT MILK"

  2. LOVE it!! I know it gave you fits BUT it really was worth it in the end. Such a fun bag. You will be the coolest Mommy on the block. Although I have no doubt you already held that title with or without the bag:)