Friday, July 27, 2012


I love rummage sales even more than I love yard sales.  Maybe because lots of people bring lots of things, so there are lots of great bits to paw through.  And sometimes stuff is just in piles that you have to dig through.  Anyway, yesterday I went to a HUGE rummage sale.  It was super organized with rooms labeled for men, women, children, toys, housewares, etc.

I found a vintage sheet set for our bed.  I love vintage sheet sets.  The fabric is always so much nicer than anything you can find at the stores.  I think that the elastic is shot in the fitted sheet, so I may have to find a bottom, but look how pretty:

In the game room, I found this game called "Anagrams" for $1.00.
 And look at what's inside!  Such pretty letter tiles.

And I'm a sucker for note card sets.  These are made by Avon and they are scented with some sort of old lady perfume, but fun!  Expect a thank you note or something on this in the future!

For twenty-five cents (!) I found a roll of wrapping paper in reversible brown patterns.  Awesome!  I'm so tired of pink wrapping paper or snowman wrapping paper at Christmas.  You are totally going to get a present wrapped in brown paper.  Hah!

I found this half-finished needlepoint kit with yarn.  Sort of fun.  I'm a sucker for these things.  And the name on the kit?  Needle Nuts.  It makes me giggle.

And my second favorite find of the day?  This quarter yard of giraffe fabric.  Oh!  I love it!  I wish there could be more of it.  I must choose my project carefully.  This cannot go to waste.

 Okay.  And my absolute favorite find at the sale?  A twin sheet set.  The set was all taped together and marked as $2.00.  We don't have a twin bed, but when the baby is older she'll get one.    I was drawn to the yellow and pink and orange and had no idea what sort of pattern it was.  But when I got home and unfurled it, I found the most fabulous print ever!  Behold:
 Giant, strange chickens on the top sheet.  And on the bottom sheet...a big chicken with a baby chicken on its head:
I am in love!  I can't wait to put it on her kid bed and I hope she doesn't hate it, but I'm the mom and I'll be in charge of sheets!  Yay!

It is also marked as "Scuda" --

I can't find much about them after my initial google search, but here are some interesting links with other Scuda textiles that another blogger found:  wall print, napkinsanimal wall print, and a humpty dumpty wall hanging.

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  1. Never see rummage sales down here. So sad. You scored big. Groovy sheets for my little ZeldaBelle. Those little letters are going to make some fantastic craft project......good deal.