Saturday, July 28, 2012

BiP, I mean, Bra in Progress

So I stayed up until 1:00am sticking jewels on my bra and then finished the cups after about an hour this morning.  I also started adhering the feathers.  This is what it looks like thus far:
 I tried to make the cups look sort of firey.  I was running out of yellows on the left cup and then found a bunch of them in another canister of jewels, so the right cup feels more flamesque.  
 I found the bra at the Goodwill for $2.99.  I was hoping to find a sassy red bra, but the nude works.  I can't decide whether or not to go full feather along the back straps.  I think I definitely want to do a shoulder pad feather/jewel thing and a tail where the clasp on the back is.
I wish I had more little jewels to fill in the holes, but quite truthfully, I don't think my fingers can take much more glue-gunning.  My left pointer is my jewel-sticker-onner-finger and it is blistering, but not so much that I need to call in the EMTs like on this week's Project Runway.   Okay...back to feathering.

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