Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was hoping to find some inspiration for making my bra for a cause at Artscraps.  It's a reuse store, like the Scrap Exchange in NC,  with tons of scrap stuff that brings true meaning to the phrase from trash to treasure.  There were bins full of bottlecaps, egg cartons, and fabric and piles of paper and ribbon.    So many things to choose from!  

I didn't find much to inspire a bra, but I did find a box full of stitching kits to paw through.  There was the usual assortment of 70's blah kits and by that, I mean, boring bird kits in earth tones.  But then I came across this gem:

A rainbow stitch kit...the package says 1981, but the inside is marked 1978.  What kind of stitching is that?  It's not cross stitch...sort of a one way stitch.  The directions call it a Continental Stitch.  But oh, so pretty!  And, of course, it's going into the nursery.  That's the only place in my whole house that has fun colors.  Otherwise, I'm stuck with boring earth tones.  Blah.

And did I mention that this was 25 cents.  I felt bad about paying just a quarter.  You can't even get things at the Goodwill for a quarter, I swear.    Most of the things at Artscraps cost five cents and you could fill  up a paper bag for five dollars. 

I can't wait to get started!

And as a bonus, check out a portion of the mural on the outside of Artscraps.  Pretty!


  1. Thanks for the plug for the Scrap Exchange in Durham. Cary now has a new store, although quite small, but it is pretty cool. It's the Cary Creative Center.
    I got you those little black and white flower buttons there. They have classes for kids. I hope they do well.

  2. Fun stuff! I love that mural:) Pretty sure I could get lost in that store for hours on end.

    1. It's tiny, but has some fun stuff to look at. The one in NC that I mention is HUGE and we were there for hours! They had so much fun paper to sort through and old craft books/patterns. Bins of all sorts of weird things that you would normally just chuck. Awesome.