Monday, July 30, 2012

Anatomy of the Wings and Tail

While the bra looked pretty good with just rhinestones and feathers on the cups, I wanted to make it seem a little different from the blue bra I made a few years ago.  I decided to add wings and a tail to the Phoenix Bra.  

I cut out some wing shapes out of thick sew-in interfacing and hot glued a bit together to form loops for the straps.  Luckily, this bra has removable straps, so I just unhooked them and slid the wing "bones" on.  
 Sorry, that's a bit blurry, huh?

For the tail, I cut out a shape vaguely resembling a tail and glued the top to the inside of the bra.  It folds over the hooks, so you can still reach them underneath the tail to unhook/hook the bra as needed. It stuck out a bit, but I figured with the weight of the feathers, it would hang lower eventually.
 For the tail, I just started at the bottom and alternated red/yellow layers of feathers.  At the end, there was some white interfacing showing, so I added some jewels and mini feathers for the following embellishment:
 And here's the back:
 For the wings, I started with a layer of yellow feathers.
 I then added a layer or red and, to keep it consistent with the rest of the bra, I added a few jewels at the edge of the wing.
And there you have it!  Photos to come tomorrow of the final bra...just in time for submission to the fundraiser.

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