Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Out of Season

It's too early for Christmas, I know, but if I let this project wait until December, it will never get done.  We need Christmas stockings.  I've made stockings for my sister's family:
And my sister-in-law's family:
But we've just got two store-bought faux fur ones that are not personalized or special.  So it's been my goal to make stockings for my family.  I've pinned a number that I like, particularly the elf styles, but they were a little bit shabby chic.  I wanted something with a bit more splash and I was inspired by this pieced stocking late last week.

So with an hour to spare on Saturday, I started working on it and came up with my first stocking.  I was really moved by that small scrap of marbled gold lame that I made two years ago:
This was the fabric that set the color scheme and away I went to form the following piece of stocking art:
A little closer:
That marbled fabric really works here.  I think that darker blue is a little off, but it's too late to go back now.
Most of these other fabrics were from my mom, I'm pretty sure.  She unloaded all of her fancy barbie-dressmaking fabrics onto me when she moved.  I really like that top velvety, furry cuff.  It's so soft and snuggly.
That curly toe was a devil to stuff and it needed to be stuffed so it wouldn't dangle like a sad, limp you-know-what.  I'm going to sew a dingle bell on the tip.

I lined it with that blue satin:
And the back is some stripey gold fabric (also from my mom):
So there you have it...


Wait a minute...what's that?
Man!  I busted through and ripped a hole in it when I was stuffing that stinkin' toe.  Ugh.  It looks like I've got some repair work to do.  Well, I've got an idea for it, so I'll keep you posted.  Until then...just enjoy the rest of it!


  1. WOW those stockings are funkadelic Whoo-ville style. far out! -the boy.

  2. I love your stocking! I can't wait to see the set.

  3. I love your stocking! I can't wait to see the set.

  4. limp you know what... :) hee hee..