Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thrifted Crafty Things

I went back to the thrift store to look for that abandoned bit of cross stitch and it was gone.  I hope it went to a good home.  As long as I was there....

I found these two crafty items.  So that is an unopened box of Whimsy Dip (from the makers of ModPodge), which is some sort of plastic dipping sauce to coat things.  I pinned a tutorial on making a rubber origami bird and I'm pretty sure this stuff is the same concept.  It comes in red and green dipping sauces, but I have a feeling they are the ugly red and green of the 80's.  Things were just a different color back then.

I also found some paint brushes.  They were made of red sable, which bothers me.  They were also made in China, so now I have a bad feeling that the red sable that donated this hair did so under duress and did not have a pleasant life.  Ugh.  I'd hate to go vegan, but the world is really horrible to animals and I don't want to give up dairy and honey and eggs.  Ugh!  

The last thing I found was at a different thrift store that I got to browse around for ten minutes before closing.
Nesting dolls!  I have an idea for them, but I'm not a drawer or a painter, so my idea will probably end of looking like little blobs of poo.  I love this folksy style for faces, so I'd love to make them like that.  We'll see.

Oh, and this next thing is not crafty, but it's nifty:
99 cents!  And perfect for when Z wants a firetruck themed birthday party at the Firefighters Hall and Museum.   This was my favorite little find.

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