Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cape 2

When I asked my sister-in-law for suggestions for my niece's birthday, she immediately suggested something hooded.  I turned to the Oliver and S: Little Things to Sew book and used the Red Riding Hood pattern to make a red, hooded cape:
That looks a little purple for some reason.  Bah!  I lined it with a dark blue floral:
I gave it to Z to wear for a bit and it was absolutely adorable on her.  My intention was to make two capes, one for Zelda and one for her cousin.  They are the same size, so it is easy to do stuff like that.  However, Z didn't like the little arm holes and wouldn't put this on again.  What a stinker.
The arm holes are my favorite part.  I like the shiny button, too.
And to top it all off, I gave my niece a book to go with the cape:
I bought it at the Red Balloon Bookshop.

As for general construction issues -- there really were none.  The thing came together very easily. 

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