Wednesday, April 8, 2015

More Hats

My little nephew turned one in early March and I did not make his gift on time.  My major reason for not doing it in a timely manner was because I could not locate swimsuit fabric, which was a special request by my sister-in-law.  Not spandex for a lady's suit, but men's fabric.  

I wandered around multiple local fabric stores, but could never find it.  I ended up getting it online and when it came, I wasn't even sure it was the right kind.  It's a microfiber type of fabric, so it is very soft and slinky.  I thought it should've been more scratchy, but maybe there are a variety of swim trunks?  Anyway, she said it was the right kind, so I guess that's good.  It's not the color I thought it would's green and I was hoping for a dark teal.  

I used the Oliver and S bucket hat pattern from their book, which I have made before.  I still have trouble fitting the brims.  I also have trouble finishing the inside lining, too.
It's always so crappy looking.  I suppose the trick is to hand sew it.  I have no time for that nonsense!  

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