Monday, March 31, 2014

Mad Hatter

My niece needed some bigger hats, so I made her four for her birthday last week.  I made her a bunch of different styles last year, but it was the Oliver + S Bucket Hat that seemed to work the best for her.  I made a total of eight hats, four for her and four for my kid.  

I had a few mishaps with getting the brims to fit:
But by the end, I had figured out that I needed to really, really trim the seam allowances to get the two parts to fit together.  

I actually used up a lot of fabric on this project.  Awesome.  I even came up short on one hat, so I had to improvise:
It looked pretty plain, so I added a little embellishment:

I made this next one with the intention of having the blue on the outside and the strawberry as the lining, but the strawberry was pretty cute as an exterior.   These hats can be reversed, so either way works.  I tried to add some red ribbon (was an inch or two shy) and then some velvet ric rac, but that took too long to sew on.  In the end, it's just a plain hat:

This next one is a favorite.  I love that soft yellow lace trim:

And then there's the white polka dot hat with some fun trim:

I made the size up (Medium) that is supposed to fit 3-5 year olds, so hopefully this works.  


  1. She will be the most stylish girl on the playground this summer!!

  2. Love them all but that strawberry hat has my heart:)