Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maternity Skirt

So this isn't actually marketed as a maternity skirt, but it has served me well through this pregnancy and my last.  It is Kwik Sew/Serge K3513.  I made it long before I was pregnant in a class for learning how to serge.  I don't remember any construction details, because this must have been four years ago, but it fits my non-pregnant and pregnant selves really well.  The bottom never got hemmed, but this stretch knit fabric is very forgiving and it doesn't seem to matter.  Also, I think I did View B.
And this was taken at the start of my third trimester.  That same night I caught the back of it on the baby gate and put a hole in it.  Bummer.  It's still wearable, but not in public.  I don't have any knits in my stash, so I haven't tried to make any others.

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