Monday, March 24, 2014

The Most Useful Word

I think that the most useful word is "smegma."  If you don't know what this word means in real life, then you should google it.  It's a pretty gross thing, but it really is a very handy word.

We use it all the time.  When we lived in California we used it to describe palm trees that had not been know, with all the old, dead fronds layered under the green ones.  Palm smegma.  Now, when the plow comes through, it leaves a pile of snow at the bottom of the driveway and then we have to dig ourselves out...again.  Plow smegma.

After finishing two projects recently, I realized that I can also use it for my sewing.  Below is my sewing smegma:
Last time I was pregnant I left all this smegma all over the craft room for like 2 months after birth, because I was too swollen to get down and clean it up.  I haven't swollen that much yet, so it looks like I'll have to take some time and crawl around to collect it.

Oh, and I also have a serger smegma collection cup:

Anyway, pictures of the projects will come later in the week.  They are birthday gifts, so I have to pack them up and send them off.  They may be late.  (Sorry!)

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