Monday, March 17, 2014

New Potholders

Forgive the phone photos...I was lazy.  So I made some granola this weekend from this recipe.  It looks good, right?  Plus, I had chia seeds to use up.  I bought them from Trader Joe's because I was curious and then never found a reason to use them.  Anyway, this recipe had some odd ingredients, like buckwheat and coconut sugar, but I didn't make any substitutions.  

I always have problems with making granola.  The first problem is that it never clumps like the granola from the store.  What am I doing wrong??  I just can't tell.  I think I charred this granola a little, too, so then there's that.  But here's the other problem:  cost.  My husband spent a crapload of money at the store gathering all the ingredients.  I know I didn't use the entire bag of coconut sugar and if I were a really motivated person, then I'd try to do a cost breakdown of the entire process, but I'm not.  I'm just going to wonder whether it's cheaper to make or buy granola.  The stuff in the store is always more delicious than what I've tried to make, so that needs to get factored in to the equation.  Anyway, blah.

In other news, I made myself some new potholders.  Before these, I had two potholders, but they were crappy.  I found some of that silver ironing board fabric on sale at the craft store, so I picked up a little bit to give it a try as potholder backing.  

Here's a blurry photo of the potholder in action:

I need to add another layer of batting, I think.  It wasn't an intolerable heat for me, but I think my husband will need them to be a bit thicker.

And I know that fabric doesn't match my stupid kitchen with its green laminate countertops and seashell tile circa 1990, but those are the colors of my dream kitchen, so I thought I'd get a head start on the imaginary renovation with potholders.

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