Friday, May 1, 2015

Wish List

Sometimes I wish that I had thought to call this blog "Jill of all Crafts" or something to reflect that I am just a craft collector and am not a master (mistress?) of any one specific crafty activity.  I have a growing list of things I want to learn/try/do.  Here's just a sampling of them:

Stamp Carving
I took a book out of the library by Geninne Zlatkis called Making An Impression (her blog is here with more details about it).  She made it seem so easy, with the exception of the drawing part, which I really have trouble with.  There's a cute stamp carving kit from Yellow Owl Workshop, but I'm not sure if the $30.00 price tag is what I want to pay to give it a try.  I also wonder if buying all the bits separately would be cheaper.

I have a board on Pinterest called Reasons to Learn Crochet and I spend all my time pinning rainbow crocheted items.  Seriously...they are all brightly colored.  If I could live in a world filled with rainbow blankets, I think I would die happy.  I have no desire to knit, though.  

Well, this is something I'm not going to go out and purchase all the tools for.  It's just not happening and, really, the only reason I want to do this is to make a Little Free Library.  My block does not have one, so it needs one, and this sentiment is shared by my next door neighbors.  We may collaborate, because they've got the tools and the construction skills to help put it all together.  That would be great, because, otherwise I was looking at a $280 class.  I did cancel my gym membership, so that money was earmarked for that class, but I'd much rather do something with the neighbors.

Well, I guess that's it for now.  I'll probably think of other things in a day or two.  

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