Friday, May 8, 2015


I've fallen prey to the recent trend of adult coloring books.  I purchased two as gifts and then I bought three for me.  In my defense, one was only $3.00, so I feel okay about that.  The Just Add Color series really caught my eye, so the Carnival and Circus ones are mine and the Day of the Dead one is a gift.
Then the cheaper one was an art nouveau book:
I've only colored in the Carnival one:

 And this last one was sent to my mother.  She moved to a retirement-type place in Florida and all her new friends are older ladies, so I told her she and her old biddies can do some coloring.  Plus I read that article about taking up art in your old age can help prevent the Alzheimer's.  (Of course, in searching for that link, I also found google results that told me that putting off retirement, exercising more, antidepressants, and going hungry can also all stave off Alzheimer'
This one is filled with sassy old folks in their sassy clothes.  I love this lady here.  

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  1. These are fantastic! I especially like the ladies of advanced age book.