Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Project Graveyard

I have a pile of projects that have been started, but never finished, as follows:

Project: My Husband's Pajamas
I first showcased these pajamas in April 2013.  How much have I sewn since then?  Zero.  They currently live in the bottom of a bag.  Why did they stall, you ask?  For some reason I think they are going to be way too big on him and I just can't bring myself to sew something that will not fit him, which is sad, because he desperately needs good PJ bottoms and has asked me for some, but he doesn't like shopping the florals in my stash.  I should've found a bolt of good, manly PJ cotton at that Textile Garage Sale.

Project:  Little Women
Three months before I wrote about the pajamas, I was trying to figure out what to do with my old copy of Little Women, which is abridged, by the way.  WTF?  How did I never notice that and what have I been missing all these years?  Is there a scintillating sex scene between Jo and that bearded guy** she gets with in the end?  I wouldn't put it past that Louisa May Alcott. 
**I think there's an illustration of a bearded guy, so that's the only reason I remember that.

Anyway, this book lives in the bag with the pajamas.

Project:  I Spy for Trix
Oh, yes.  She gets one too.  I've got the squares.  Now find me the time and the motivation to work on yet another I Spy quilt.   I guess this project is less in the graveyard and more in craft purgatory, awaiting ascension to a higher life form.

Project:  Dollhouse
Also in craft purgatory, because I am not giving up on renovating this thing.  It's just going to take ten years to finish and, by that time, the children will be done with dolls (if they ever even like them).  

Project:  Fairy Book
OH!  This makes me sad...I want to finish this thing like crazy and by the time I do, Z will have outgrown it, so it will turn into Trixie the Pixie Book, which has a nice ring to it.

Okay, I can't go on and list any more partial craft abortions.  I'll stop just makes me sad.

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