Thursday, January 24, 2013

Retiring Little Women

As I previously mentioned, my copy of Little Women has seen better days.  The binding is gone and it is being held together by a rubber band.  I ended up buying one of those embroidered copies for my own personal library, so I figured that it was time to retire my old copy.

But what to do with it?  The Goodwill would just chuck it in that bin outside the dropoff zone that is filled with all of their castoffs and I couldn't let that happen, so I've decided to rework it...somehow.  I haven't quite decided what to do with it, though.

I know they make those purses out of covers and then I've also seen bound journals, but I'm not a journal writer and I have a lot of purses.  Maybe I should just frame the cover?  That could work.

But what to do with the interior pages, because there are some pretty nice illustrations...

I could always enlarge them and make a coloring book?  I don't know.  Until I figure this out, I think I'll just put it on the growing pile of future projects.


  1. hehe...I have an evergrowing list of future projects too:) A coloring book is an awesome idea! You could even copy them at the smaller size and make a tiny coloring book for restaurants and dr.s office visits?

  2. oooh...what about a Little Women quilt? You could copy a bunch of the images onto that iron on transfer paper and then iron onto quilt squares....just a thought.....of course you might want to consider that I cannot sew to save my a*&!

  3. Mrs. Polly Rogers' site has some great ideas for Christmas using book pages.

    Like Mel's idea of the transfer fabric for a quilt. You and I could embroider them. How cute and wonderful would that be.