Friday, January 11, 2013

More Books

 I seem to have a growing collection of odd craft books from the 1970's or 1980's.  Here are my most recent acquisitions:
Better Homes and Gardens:  Patchwork and Quilting
26 Lively Letters: Making an ABC Quiet Book by Barbara Williams and Carol Grundmann
The patchwork book is filled with classic 70's projects, as it should be, given that it was published in 1977.  I found the following window decor to be quite hideous:
Why would you do that to yourself?  So awful.

But I was drawn to two applique quilts, one with butterflies and one with wildflowers.
Of course, getting the time and energy to convert those graph paper applique patterns to real size patterns will never happen, so I will just have to gaze longingly at these photos.

As for the book on making an ABC quiet book, that one was also published in 1977.  It has some good ideas:
A is for Airplane
But then it has these three terrifying ideas.
E is for Earring
N is for Nose
M is for Mirror
So ugly and weird!  Especially the one with the witch's nose!  And then the googly-eyed one is horrible.

I do have it in my head to make a quiet book and this does have some good ideas, but I think the problem here is that anything with a face is quite terrifying.  

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