Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sculpey Fail

So I had this grand plan to make a clay impression of my kid's hand for her first Christmas.  I bought a white pack of sculpey, some sculpey glitter, and rolled out that clay.  Of course, she resisted any attempts I made at pressing her chubby little hand into the clay, so I only managed a thumbprint or something.

So I balled it up, put it in a plastic baggie, and was ready to put it away for another time when I remembered these little Japanese veggie/cookie cutters I picked up in Japan ten or so years ago.  It's pretty hard to get a decent picture of them, but here's the outside of the box with classic Japanese-English:
So I re-rolled the clay and cut out little flower shapes.  I sprinkled on the glitter and poked a hole in the top of them with a bamboo skewer and then followed the baking directions.

Here are some results:

So they'll either hang on the tree next year or I'll use a paint pen and use them as gift tags.  Who knows?

In the meantime, I would still like an impression of my gal's little hand...maybe for her first birthday? I really should research that.

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