Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sushi Containers

No photo today...just a quick story on how I got some plastic containers for the felt sushi that I am making for a little girl's birthday.  The sushi is coming along just fine, in fact, and I should have a post up in a few days showing all of the completed pieces.  My biggest dilemma was where to procure a plastic sushi display box.  

I considered going to the United Noodles market, the largest Asian grocery store in the mid-west (or so it claims).  That one's in Minneapolis, but there's an Asian market closer to my house in St. Paul called Dragon Star.  I just haven't been able to get to either store and the birthday party is on Sunday.

So, yesterday, I stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and there was a special on the cucumber-avocado roll at the sushi counter.  I started to think that I could just wash out the container, you know, and go with that.  However, the container was compostable (read: unwashable) and the plastic containers were all filled with icky raw fishes and I did not want to buy one just to throw out all of the contents.

The sushi maker was behind the counter and said hello to me, so I then asked him where to find these plastic containers.  I couldn't hear him very well through the thick prison-like partition, but he seemed to say that I could find them in Chicago.  I looked disappointed and told him that I needed a container to display felt sushi.  

"I have a present for you," he said, and disappeared.  So I hung around and contemplated how delicious it would be to eat a steamed bbq pork filled dumpling...if I still ate pork.  He showed back up a few minutes later and produced a stack of container bottoms.  This stack was still wrapped in plastic and there were probably 50 or so containers.  I thanked him profusely, but told him I only needed one.  He kept pushing them on me, but eventually understood and gave me five  plastic bottoms.  I also managed to get five tops out of him all for free!

Yay!  So I am 87% done with my felt sushi (I am working on an octopus one and I think I should do another California roll or something like that) and it looks awesome in its little container thus far.

Also, I made a salmon roe sushi and I'm going to try my very own tutorial for how to do it, but that will take some time.  It's pretty adorable.  Pictures to come soon!

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