Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I got inspired by a $50.00 set of wooden sushi, so I thought I would make some out of felt.  It seemed like a good idea to break me into the business of felt food construction.  Plus I have a birthday for a little girl coming up and she loves sushi, especially avocado-shrimp rolls, so I'll be sure to make one of those.  

But I started with an easy carrot roll and then I moved onto a California roll.
Most of the images I found online were made with a black felt for the seaweed.  I went with a forest green, because that makes more sense to me.  I used pinking shears on the rice to give it a rice look and then my favorite part...
Black sesame seeds!  I just stitched some onto the last strip of white with the full number of embroidery threads.  So cute!  

I ordered a pattern off of etsy for the non-rolled sushi, because I didn't feel like thinking too much about that if someone had already done the work for me.  I want to go to an Asian food store and pick up some empty plastic sushi containers to display this.  

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